Ten Great Books on Bitcoin

Just a few years ago bitcoin was a seen as a renegade virtual currency, considered by many to be used only by criminals and outlaws. Much like the Internet at its beginnings, investors and businesses didn’t saw value in the technology and were miss leaded by its darker associations. Today, Bitcoin and its inherent technology, the blockchain, have been on the tip of new Fintech enterprises and a new wave of startups are popping out with new and innovative concepts for its application.

A new industry surrounding the blockchain technology has been born, and there is a growing demand for information on digital currency and the blockchain technology. Unlike some year ago today there’s a lot of information about bitcoin on the web and an increase in quality reading material about cryptocurrencies.

Finding the best Bitcoin book can become a difficult task, especially because there aren’t many available, with only a few legit published books on the market. If you are looking to find a good book about digital currency you might as well start by reading the Satoshi white paper, and then choose the most suited book to answer your questions.

We have compiled a list of books (which we consider to be the best reading options) to help you build your knowledge about bitcoin. In the list bellow you will find ten of the most interesting books on bitcoin ever written:

Bitcoin Book #1 – Mastering Bitcoin

This is one of my favorites. Mastering Bitcoin is a very good approach to the technical details of the Bitcoin protocol. The technical detail may not appeal to everyone, but this book is a valuable resource to have on the shelf for anyone designing and developing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency applications.

Author: Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Book #2 – The Bitcoin Big Bang

The Bitcoin Big Bang provides an overview of Bitcoin, with a special emphasis on what are the driving factors to the volatile price speculation and how the innovation of Bitcoin and the blockchain will eliminate the role of the middle man in the financial economy. The book reveals a pretty good explanation; one easy enough to understand for the non-technical person.

Author: Brian Kelly

Bitcoin Book #3 – The Age of Cryptocurrency

The Book focuses on how bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order. The book tries to reference the possibilities of Bitcoin, by following the story of about Afghan women earning money via the internet while giving a thorough history of how cryptocurrency came to be, the major players behind it, and the current state of the industry.

Authors: Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey

Bitcoin Book #4 – Blockchain – A Blueprint for a New Economy

This book focuses primarily on speaking of future implications of the blockchain technology. This book explores some of the potential applications of blockchain technology in relatively easy to digest examples. The book also tries to show the different cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies together in a way that allows the reader to understand its similarities and differences.

Author: Melanie Swan

Bitcoin Book #5 – Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

The book opens with a very nice introduction to how digital currency works. A great part of the book is an attempt to solve the mystery of who is Satoshi Nakamoto, going through the possibilities amongst those that were involved at the beginning. Besides giving a soft review on what the technology is all about, the author presents different opinions and speculates about who might be the bitcoin creator.

Author: Dominic Frisby

Bitcoin Book #6 – The Book of Satoshi

The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto by Paul Champagne –What’s interesting about this book is that it tries to get the reader to experience the birth and rise of Bitcoin. The book goes internet message boards and email communications between Satoshi and a handful of others to tell the history of bitcoin based on the stand point of the man who created it. The book is actually a very good approach to the original content, allowing the reader to go through original material and to experience it as if they were there.

Author: Paul Champagne

Bitcoin Book #7 – The Bitcoin Bible

The content in the book is very good because it presents a collection of pretty instructive articles but it is quite different from the others. The author does a good job providing insights on Bitcoin along with a number of articles throughout written by industry heavyweights like Vitalik Buterin. The Bitcoin Bible is a remarkable piece made out of dozens of contributions from major players in the Bitcoin community.

Author: Benjamin Guttmann

Bitcoin Book #8 – Bitcoin for the Befuddled

In this book, the authors do a great job by relating Bitcoin concepts into things people currently understand as a way to bridge the gap for those who are still having some difficulties to understand what bitcoin and the blockchain actually is all about. The book presents a good beginner’s text into the subject, and utilizes comic strips as a visual aid to help teach Bitcoin. The book doesn’t go so far as some of the other books when it comes to technical details but it present a very instructive and comic reading that will be able to help newbies to easily understand how to manage digital currencies.

Authors: Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer

Bitcoin Book #9 – Digital Gold

This book focuses on bitcoin and the inside story of the misfits and millionaires trying to reinvent money. The book is an expansive narrative of the history of Bitcoin. The book goes around a series of transitions between the cast of characters that played an important role in the bitcoin community in the early years of its existence. There are some great insights and inside stories in this book that really make it a fun read for anyone interested in Bitcoin.

Author: Nathaniel Popper

Bitcoin Book #10 – Bitcoin and the Future of Money

The author goes over the basics of Bitcoin and provides an expansive overview of what makes Bitcoin interesting as well as the darker stories that have been giving it a bad name. This book doesn’t references blockchain technology as some of the others, but it provides some interesting views on the possible implications of bitcoin as a worldwide currency.

Author: Jose Pagliery

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