NewsBTC has a dynamic team of expert writers, entrepreneurs, traders, analysts, developers and marketing resources who ensure quality across each step.

Some of the leading members behind NewsBTC include:

wdt_ID Profile Image Description
1 Robert Tiger – Director Of FranRobert chise Development / Writer : Robert is Director of Marketing, Media Advertising and Community Development with DeCentralized Marketing as Well as NewsBTC USA (North East, South, West) Franchise Owner, His Interests Include Family, Friends, Networking and Meeting New People, Cryptocurrency, BlockChain Development and Economic Freedom…
2 Toni Marie – Writertoni : Toni Holds a Bachelor Degree in Database Administration and Looks Forward to Observing Where Blockchain Development and Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin Are Heading as We Move Into the Future, Her Interests Include Building Her Life Around Her Grandchildren and Loved Ones, Sketching, Nature and Furthering Her Education…
3 Steven Saxton – WriterSteven : Steven Has a 20+ Year Professional Background In Systems Admin and Developing. Recently Steven Has Become A Fan of Everything Crypto And Has SinceApplied His Skills Toward Development Of Cryptocurrency and The Blockchain. Steven Entered the Crypto-Scene Building Apps [Faucets] And Never Looked Back. Steven Has Recognized The Huge Impact of the Blockchain and Shared Ledgers Not Only In The Financial Sector But Across The Board. He Has Given Away Thousands Of Cryptocoins That He Has Mined Himself And Believes In Order For Mass Adoption That People Must Share Their Experiences With Digital Currency and the Blockchain…
4 Sean “BTC’ Briz – WriterSean : Sean has been involved in Bitcoin research since 2011. His research and training have included all aspects of Mining, Blockchain Research, CryptoForum Moderating, CryptoCurrency Development & Assistant. This experience over the years has been basically on a voluntary basis. Sean believes in Bitcoin very much and is equally supportive of all Cryptocurrencies and was able to see their true potential early on. Sean has a good understanding of current regulations including FinCEN Requirements and the global KYC/AML Guidelines. Sean supports a certain amount of regulations and believes that existing laws should already cover more than could ever be needed in our lifetimes..
5 Zac Smith - Writer : Zac has been mining and trading for almost 2 years and has been involved as one of the developers at HTMLcoin. Zac also has multiple years of contract writing experience in various topics and is an information and communication technology major at New Mexico State University and also works as a Data Science Consultant.

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