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As many of you who visit NEWSBTC every day know, I spend hours per day writing 99% pf the stuff you read. On top of that, I work 50 hours per week on average at a day job!

Needless to say, I enjoy writing about bitcoin, and NEWSBTC is a great hobby of mine. As a means to pay for web hosting (which isn’t cheap), I do run a small amount of ads, but now I’m asking for your help.

No, I don’t want your money.

What would be awesome though is if you could join us on social media. That is, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Really, that’s it!

The idea is to get more people aware of NEWSBTC, which is one of the fastest bitcoin news sources on the web. Won’t you help? Here are the links to our Twitter and Facebook profiles below.

[social link=”” icon=”62217″] and [social link=”” icon=”62220″]

Spread the word! The more time I can dedicate to this project, the better it gets.



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