How to Buy Bitcoin

The popularity of bitcoin is constantly growing and every day we see more people joining this innovative industry. Bitcoin is bound to shake and disrupt the economic and financial traditional foundations and turn it into a more equal and democratic model.


The problem is that most exchanges will require you to go through an ID verification process that can take several business days and in worst cases can take up to several weeks. For the ID verification, exchanges usually request that you send them a copy of your national ID card or passport; and a utility bill as proof of residence.


The Bitcoin ecosystem is also increasing its agility and every day more and more business segments are starting to welcome this new currency. So you will need to find a trusted exchange that also deals with FIAT.


After that, you will be able to buy and sell bitcoin easily. The movement’s evangelists are pushing hard for mainstream adoption — to turn Bitcoin into a currency rather than an asset or a financial tool and make the most of its unique functionality.

Here are some ways to currently buy your first bitcoin


  • ATM
  • Exchange
  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer SEPA Wire

You can also buy bitcoin from a friend or someone who already has obtained bitcoin and agrees to trade with you in an agreed arrangement…

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