Titan Trade Broker Review

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TitanTrade Review


TitanTrade is a broker that offers a plethora of trading instruments that allow the trader to take advantage of the world’s financial markets and conditions. The 80 instruments cover stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. The trading academy allows traders to learn while they earn, so to speak. There is also a range of free analysis options available to members.


The fees for transfers are a little larger than many other brokers.


TitanTrade allows the trader to take advantage of the world’s financial markets, meaning that there are plenty of trading opportunities at almost any time. This means that those of you that work long or inconvenient hours will be able to take advantage of market moves no matter what time you are home.

Trading Platform

The web-based broker platform offers ladder trading, as well as Trade Follow, meaning you can follow other traders that are in the system if you choose to do so. The ability to follow successful traders will make this a big advantage for most traders. Security and reliability are features of the platform as well.


80 markets, trade following, and free analysis are all available. The payouts are 85% in some markets, meaning that you can make large profits in a short amount of time. This allows the trader to maximize profits quickly, representing some of the largest payouts we have come across. The platform is strong and robust.

Bitcoin Trading


Customer Service

Customer service for this broker allows for live chat, phone, and email. There are plenty of phone numbers around the world to call if you need to speak to someone, in various languages.


TitanTrade is well-known for its reliability, and as a result there are plenty of satisfied customers there already. We think this broker will turn out to be a favorite of yours, as the platform is easy and intuitive. The news and website are also easy to use, so it is a good trading environment for most traders, both professional and amateur.

Closing Thoughts

TitanTrade is a favorite of many traders worldwide. We feel this is going to be the case going forward as well, as there are strong bonuses available to new traders, such as a potential 100% matching of deposited funds. The large amount of markets allows the trader to take advantage of the global economy, and the payouts make this a profitable broker to deal with.

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